V&R MappingCube 3D

A compact 3D measuring system for quick and metric correct mapping of buildings.

Generate maps easily with laser technology

The compact housing of the MappingCube contains a 2D laser scanner for the precise distance measurement. With the automatic rotation, 1 million points are measured within 25 seconds resulting in a high-resolution 3D point cloud of the local environment.

Measurements from different positions are composed markerless and fully automatically in real time to form a global 3D map. Even complex environments can be captured in short time.

The point cloud registration is performed automatically by a computer unit within the MappingCube. The exported point cloud can be processed directly.

Field of application

The MappingCube can be used anywhere where building data has to be collected quickly, for example to generate ground plans of houses and flats for real estate agents.

Technical data

  • Size: 212 mm × 210 mm × 205 mm
  • Capture time: 25 s/Scan
  • Angular resolution: horizontal 0,18°, vertical 0,25°
  • Export formats: .dxf, .xyz