Company Profile

What we offer…

The V&R Vision & Robotics GmbH (in short: V&R) builds together with its clients intelligent mobile systems and systems to 2D/3D measurement systems. V&R focuses on the sensor systems and the software for the sensor data analysis and the system controllers.

Proximity to Science and Research

The company is a spinoff of the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany. The founders are Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Paulus and Dr. Johannes Pellenz. Dietrich Paulus is professor in the computer science department and head of the Active Vision group. Johannes Pellenz holds a PhD degree in computer science and is a former employee of the Active Vision working group.

  • We build software for intelligent mobile systems and systems for 2D/3D data capturing and interpretation.
  • We work scientifically and implement solid systems.
  • We have a good grasp for good software architecture and design long living systems.
  • We know current sensor technology and apply sensors wisely.
  • We want to understand our systems and therefore we visualize our data often and efficiently.

Our Partners and Customers